Better than Oats : Blackgram Porridge

Why it's better than oats?

People who consume will experience digestion problems and bloating. Black gram is a rich source of nutrients and fiber. These fibers will improve digestion and fix many diseases caused as a result of digestive ailments.

Ancient Tradition - Healthy reproductive system!

From Ancient days, it was a practice to consume blackgram as a part of the diet. Nowadays, this practice has vanished; as a result, most of this generation suffer from PCOD and many other genital disorders for both men and women. Rich sources of Iron will strengthen the reproductive system.

Other Benefits of Blackgram!

Rich sources of minerals will play a vital role in maintaining cholesterol and improving heart health. These minerals supply essential nutrients to the bone and help to cure inflammation quickly. A rich source of Vitamin will make your skin & hair shiny and healthy.

Imagine having a tasty mix loaded with health benefits!

Tebys Blackgram Porridge is a whole pack filled with minerals, vitamins, iron, and fiber. In addition to it, cardamom and dried ginger are added to give aromatic and tasty porridge. Even it can be given to kids as a health shot instead of having bottled or canned drinks.

The specialty about this Blackgram | Urad Dal Porridge is, it can be consumed by any age group of people!

TRY Tebys Blackgram Porridge & Taste Ecstasy By Your Soul !!!

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